Philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways; the point is to change it.
~ Karl Marx
This blog is about more than just my own mental masturbation.(Though of course that does come into it to some degree!) It is intended to offer a perspective from which people can engage in activism and work towards changes in the real world.

Only by organising at a grassroots level, within our own communities, can we hope to make real and lasting change. As such, what follows is an incomplete but growing list of useful resources and interesting reads which I hope will be of use both to those already involved in the struggle and to those looking for a way in. Please send any suggestions for further links to

Anarcha-feminism and women's rights

Antifascism & anti-racism



Class war & anti-capitalism


Human rights

Immigration & asylum

News & politics

Prison abolition

Queer rights

Radical journalism & alternative media