Thursday, 5 April 2012

Anarcho-blogging roundup #12

Via Deviant Art
This latest roundup is in honour, more than anything else, of the fact that I've reduced my blogging output quite dramatically so far this year. This is due simply to the fact that my previous output was unsustainable without abandoning life to sit on the internet. As such, it's worth pointing readers around the blogosphere towards those talking about the things I'm not.

Fellow Scouse anarcho Anna has been writing some cracking stuff of late - in particular her post on manarchism, which deserves to be read by pretty much every male activist out there. Her latest piece, on the word cunt, is also worthy of a gander.

Cautiously Pessimistic talks about the 89% - those outside and ignored by the unions, the role of "socialists" in trade union bureaucracies and the recent PCS climbdown, and smears against anarchists. Adam Ford has been quite prolific, and has blogs on NHS defeatism, the budget, Occupy Oakland, the NHS risk register, Game occupations in Ireland and the anniversary of the Falklands war.

The Trial By Fire has posted a really interesting video of Kristian Williams from Occupy Wall Street talking about the idea that the police are part of "the 99%." The Vast Minority covers rising tensions between OWS and police here. 1solutionrevolution tells us why they continue to cover their face at demonstrations. And, to round of the subject of the police and attitudes towards them, it is worth noting as the police look set to march against cuts in Britain that the Phoenix Class War Council have adopted the slogan "defend Arizona workers, abolish the police unions."

Stavvers is someone I don't read quite enough of. Nor do you, if you don't know who I'm on about. See her posts on Samantha Brick, a recent pro-choice demonstration and abstinence education for a quick sample of work. On the subject of abortion, Joseph Kay has an interesting piece on bodies as a site of class struggle. This also (shameless plug klaxon) prompted me to look at the rise of the culture wars in Britain.

Freedom in the 21st covers the death of Trayvon Martin and the re-election of George Galloway. Nat at Forty Shades of Grey attempts to answer whether sex work would exist in a capitalist society as well as looking at rape and the Twitter hashtag #Ididnotreport (trigger warning).

Johnny Void continues to be the best source for the struggles of the unemployed. As well as reports from the Solfed day of action against workfare, he offers excellent in-depth analysis of the Work Programme, a lengthy piece on the big brother state and Universal Credit, and details of the new Youth Contract. Finally, if you want to know where all this is headed, read ‘Bout to explode: a day in the life of a precarious worker by Juan Conatz.