Friday, 24 February 2012

Trouble in Rochdale

Rioting erupted in the Heywood area of Rochdale last night, as a number of Asian homes and businesses were attacked. This is believed to be connected to the ongoing grooming trial at Liverpool Crown Court, as various fascists have been boasting online about targeting the suspects and the North West Infidels claim to "have taken direct action against muslim gang rapist safe houses."

The details of the paedophile ring that have emerged in the trial are horrific, and do not make for comfortable reading. It is unsurprising that the far-right have been able to tap into a significant well of anger, because the abuse of children always - understandably - riles people up. Nor is this the first time that Britain has seen violence and rioting on the streets in connection to paedophilia. One high profile example being the Paulsgrove estate in Portsmouth following the murder of Sarah Payne.

The problem, then as now, is that rioting is by nature uncontrolled. Whenever people have taken to the streets against sex offenders, it is not just the guilty who had suffered. The two original suspects in the James Bulger case were hounded out of their homes even after Robert Thompson and John Venables were arrested. There has been at least one incidence were a paediatrician's home was vandalised after vigilantes confused her profession for a sex offence. And there are other examples of innocent people being hounded and attacked by mobs.

There is not only the potential for that kind of ting happening here, but also the possibility that it is being actively encouraged. The British National Party, English Defence League, and Infidels of Britain demonstrated outside Liverpool Crown Court on the premise that the important detail in the ongoing case was the ethnicity and suspected religion of those accused.

Those of us who witnessed the debacle on that day saw this, in the racist abuse hurled at people - including yelling that an Asian on the other side of the road was a "potential Muslim bomber" - and the speed with which those demonstrating resorted to lies. Steve Greenhalgh of the EDL-affiliated British Freedom Party took to telling people that the accused were friends of the anti-fascists outside. He even went so far as to admit "if the truth doesn't work, lie" to my face. The North West Infidels have on a couple of occasions made the ridiculous association between myself and the paedophile organisation NAMBLA, whilst my entry on Metapedia is an exercise in vicious bullshitting.

Clearly, these are not people engaged in a search for truth and justice. They are doing their best to whip up a frenzy of hatred against their racial and political enemies by exploiting emotive issues like child abuse. As such, whilst they claim that the takeaway they attacked was connected to the trial, it could as likely have no link whatsoever other than the ethnicity of the owner.

As I've said before, fascists are falling back on the old tactic of controlling the streets. As in the past, we are seeing a rise in racial and community violence alongside that, making the situation more urgent. This kind of trouble will not stop in Heywood.