Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Quote of the day...

... is Labour council leader Joe Anderson, in the Liverpool Echo;
I got kicked in my ankles and punched in the side. They were chanting ‘Nazi scum’ at me. You get used to this type of thing, but this was a little bit more sinister.

You should not have to put up with that. I understand that people in the city are angry, but these people were just hell-bent on intimidation.
Anderson, it seems, will stop at nothing to claim victimhood even as he leads the local attacks on jobs and services. He attended a council meeting last night to pass the first round of next year's cuts. Now he is having a cry and alleging assault because he was accosted by protesters.

As it happens, I wasn't at the demonstration against the meeting yesterday. However, several other comrades - including members of Liverpool Solidarity Federation - were. All report that nobody touched Anderson as he made his way into the Town Hall, though he was the object of jeers and heckling. As one would expect when a self-proclaimed socialist gets into political office and starts cutting services and sacking people.

Moreover, I'm told reliably that the chants of "Nazi scum" came out once Anderson was safely inside the building - and were reserved for the lone EDL member who turned up to shout incoherent bullshit at the protesters.

If you want to know the calibre of man that Joe Anderson is, you need only look at his actions last Friday. Whilst protesters gathered outside the BT Convention Centre to oppose a visit to Liverpool by government minister Francis Maude, the council leader turned up. Upon being heckled as he approached, he got in the face of one activist to call him a "disgrace" and "scum," before the cry of "scum" was turned on him and he fled into the building to hobnob with the Tory leading the attack on public sector pensions.

If Joe Anderson really had been punched and kicked, the police and his own security would have been on it in an instant. But there were no arrests, there is no video footage. Instead, all we have is a man who has made a career out of being a vile, hypocritical fat bastard whingeing to the local media because people won't sit back and accept his attacks with good humour.