Sunday, 18 December 2011

London 2012 and the police state

Hannah Kay has just written a blog titled "London 2012 - The enemy of democracy." In it, she sums up all of the measures being brought in to quell dissent during the Olympic Games in London;
All of which makes for incredibly scary reading. We should by now be no stranger to repressive measures being brought in in the name of "security," but this of course does nothing to water down the effects.

The media is being tightly controlled, essentially for propaganda purposes. The streets will effectively be under martial law. The right to dissent is being shoved aside in order to protect a huge nationalistic spectacle. And anyone who decides to test that point will face violent suppression at the hands of armed law enforcement. This is fascism.

As Hannah says;
If we want a voice in 2012 then we will have to fight for it. I don't mean waving placards around and chanting slogans. I mean being prepared to face down the threat of mass arrest, water cannons, rubber bullets and even live fire. This is the reality. You have already been identified as a threat that warrants these actions and weapons and that means they are prepared to use them.
Read her full post here.