Thursday, 8 December 2011

Fascists are following my every move...on the internet

Apparently, I'm the object of covert surveillance by the ragtag band of far-right fuckwads who make up Liverpool's fascist scene. No doubt they want me to think so, to get all paranoid and shit myself, but I'm afraid I just don't buy it. Sorry lads.

The following Facebook post was no doubt intended to send shivers up my spine;

Aside from the apparent inability of whoever wrote this to string a sentence together, it isn't very convincing. Not because I wasn't in Liverpool One - I was. But, given that my face is on Redwatch, various Liverpool BNP sites and on fascist Facebook pages, it's not unthinkable for one of them to recognise me as they happened to pass me in town. A far cry from following my every move.

But, in all honesty, I'm not even convinced that that happened. The reason being that, a full 17 hours before this status was posted, I tweeted this;

Call me cynical, but I imagine that if I'd added that at that point I was unwinding by taking a bath that would have been added to what they "saw" me doing. Especially given that prior to this one of them had chosen to reveal his intimate knowledge of my comings and goings by asking "do you still have that ugly ornament in your window?" Given that I've never had any ornament in my window, I'd go out on a limb to say that obvious bullshitter is obvious.

This is not to mention that, if they didn't want me to know I was being followed, they wouldn't have mentioned it on Facebook. If they did, approaching me whilst I was out would have been more effective (even if it was a chance meeting). Like the Nazi whose hand was shaking as he took my picture outside the Unite Union office when I was waiting for a taxi two weeks back.

To be fair, at least their information was accurate - unlike the BNP, who claimed I was run out of Anfield, and those who went on to join the British Freedom Party, who claimed I was in cahoots with Andrew Tierney. But all this proves is that fascists are capable of reading what I post on Twitter and that they know the things I freely tell the world. After all, we already know that they're aggressive gobshites who do their best to intimidate political opponents.