Saturday, 31 December 2011

2011 in...

It is customary, almost a cliché, to greet the end of the year with lists and reviews. However, whilst this might seem trite, it does provide a useful landmark for reflection on what has been and looking forward to what will be.

Regular readers will have noticed that I retired my No War but Class War series after September. This was because the sheer volume of struggles going on and the amount that could transpire in just a month made it impossible to make them as comprehensive as I'd have liked, as well as making them more a chore than a pleasure to write. Nonetheless, this means that the format in which I reviewed 2010 and 2009 won't be the one I use to look back at 2011.

Instead, I have written a number of blog posts which look back at the year from different perspectives in order to allow to me to examine different subjects without worrying too much about overlap. With luck, altogether they will paint a picture of what has - all told - been a remarkable year and offer some thoughts on what needs to come next.

Providing blogger does its thing, the posts should appear at periodic intervals across the day without any intervention from myself. Some will be full reviews of a certain subject, others will be basic lists. Some will be serious, others will take the piss a bit.

They will look at 2011 in...
  • ...revolutions
  • ...bureaucrats
  • ...anti-fascism
  • ...anarcho-blogging
  • ...class struggle
In the meantime, here's wishing everyone a happy new year. Salud y anarquía to all my friends and comrades.