Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Statement of the University of Liverpool Occupation

After the march and rally in town today, students occupied the University of Liverpool. Due to being caught up elsewhere, I wasn't able to go up and show support in person. However, as a show of solidarity, I repost their statement of demands below.

We Have Occupied University of Liverpool.

We do this to encourage the Vice Chancellor of the University of Liverpool to listen to and negotiated with us concerning our 10 demands:

1. To publicly condemn the White Paper for Higher Education and call for it to be withdrawn

2. To guarantee no course closures

3. To guarantee no job cuts and no adverse changes to staff terms and conditions

4. To provide bursaries for all students who need them – not fee waivers

5. To guarantee no cuts to library, student support or learning resources

6. To guarantee no cuts to access schemes or foundation courses

7. To guarantee that the university will remain a public and a not-for-profit body

8. To reverse the increase in tuition fees

9. To have complete transparency of corporate funding of the university (ie. BAE).

10. To allow all students to have access to the occupied space.

We are currently taking the top floor of the University Lecture Room Building. We invite people who agree with these demands to join us.

Love from The Occupiers.