Thursday, 10 November 2011

Public meeting - Build for November 30



Public meeting
Thursday 24th November - 12:30
Strand Tavern
245 Strand Road
L20 3HJ (see map)

On November 30, workers from across the education and public sectors will be taking strike action to defend their pensions and fight off redundancies. We all need to support that strike.

Government cuts are attacking all of us. Each time a group of workers gets their pension slashed or receives a below inflation rise, it only emboldens other employers to do the same. Public or private, in a union or not, we can only beat the bosses' onslaught by standing together.

Join us on Thursday 24 November, ahead of the strike, for a public meeting to discuss how we can coordinate action in Bootle.

• How can service users and claimants support the action?

• What action can we take on the day to strengthen the pickets?

• Where do we go from here?

This dispute affects all of us, so it's vital we all have our say. If you've fed up of the government's attacks and want to fight back, then come along and have your say!

This government wants to destroy our jobs, our pensions, our education, our healthcare and our welfare - DON'T LET THEM WIN!

Together we can fight for a better future!

Meet upstairs in the Strand Tavern, 24/11/11, 12.30pm, lunch provided.