Monday, 14 November 2011

Anarcho-blogging roundup #11

I have recently been given a blog at, which I hope to be updating in the near future.

At the moment, it contains only a couple of pieces which others had reposted on the site from my blogs. I'm not quite sure yet whether I'll be duplicating content from here on that blog, doing original pieces or a bit of both. Either way, hopefully I'll know soon enough and get around to frequent postings.

On the same site, Django has an interesting post analysing the EDL's decline and shift to traditional fascist "controlling the streets" tactics. Working Class Self Organisation is another blog which is now hosted on libcom as well as blogger, and recent posts of note include the rise in baliff violence and the scab teaching union Voice. Joseph Kay discusses at the tendency of state legitimacy to fail.

Anarcho Lid has reflected on why he doesn't wear a poppy, whilst Adam Ford has had a poem on war read out at a Remembrance Sunday service on the Wirral. Adam also reports on how a bakers' dispute relates to the new agency worker regulations and how he bore witness to some dramatic events at Occupy Bournemouth. Propaganda Lalaland also covers the Occupy movement, this time Occupy Baltimore's "move your money" action. Anarchist Writers take a more critical and theoretical look at the broader Occupy movement.

The Anarchist Federation's blog has an interesting response to a leaflet titled Prostitution is not compatible with anarchism. Their Edinburgh local is also hosting a class struggle day school which may be interesting if you're up that way.

On the anti-fascist front, @ndy's Antifa Notes continue to provide an entertaining roundup of neo-Nazi activity worldwide. The ZSP in Poland reports on anti-fascist activity there. Liverpool Antifascists have an interesting report on their demo at the BNP annual conference, the EDL's appearance at which sparked my own piece on their anti-working class vendetta.

As ever, the Cautiously Pessimistic blog has a few decent posts that are worth a read. Check out What would it actually mean to generalise the November 30th strikes, On Oakland: A port shuts down, new possibilities open up, and On “infighting” and the left for a decent sample.

Ann Arky has also been extremely prolific of late. If I had to choose, key selections from her would be Workers know your history and Catalonia 1936: new world order, for some interesting videos on the Spanish Revolution, The march of the dollar empire, European coup - twice over, and Nato, tribal warriors and oil.

Finally, it's worth noting that - despite the resemblance, the cat in the picture above is not in fact my Mogget. He likes to sit on my keyboard and attack my mouse, but he's far from computer literate.