Monday, 10 October 2011

When is a radical not a radical?

Sunny Hundal is not a man I'm fond of. To put it mildly, he's a worthless, self-aggrandising, politically illiterate, utter fucking cretin who would make the world a whole lot richer by falling face first into a meat grinder. The most positive thing you can say of him is that occasionally the bullshit he offers as political analysis is good for a cheap laugh every now and then.

However, today he has truly surpassed himself with this;
Why Ed M is more radical than you think
Yes. He is talking of Ed Miliband. The leader of the Labour Party, who calls strikes a "mistake," supports "good" capitalism, calls the anti-union laws "right," and told the party conference how proud he was of a Liverpool council implementing £91m of cuts. The leader of the opposition faction of the ruling class.

Despite this, we are to believe, his speech on capitalism "was attacked as being too far left" and in fact it "wasn’t that different from what the #OccupyWallStreet people are saying." Dead Ed is "slowly sharpening an analysis that taps into a growing feeling of alienation from the system by successive generations" and, though "his language may not yet be sharp enough yet," we can rest assured that he will "ask the questions that need to be asked of our economy."

But rather than demonstrate how Ed's analysis is "sharpening," Hundal only shows how his own analysis is utterly fucking brain dead. He claims that Miliband speaks of how "corporate vested interests are working against people," but the reality is in fact very different.

True, he has a go at "predatory asset strippers," and says that he wants "a new bargain in our economy so reward is linked with effort." But this isn't the rhetoric of a radical anti-capitalist, it's the same kind of shallow guff that you'll hear from any politician. David Cameron, too, went on about "grafters," and Ed's comment that "benefits are too easy to come by for those who abuse the system" could have as readily come from a Tory speech of a Daily Mail editorial. Indeed, someone so supposedly "radical" should not have come under such heavy flak for playing up to the stereotype of people on benefits being scroungers and airbrushing disabled people out of the picture.

The reasons for this are as I've said innumerable times before. All political parties, by definition, become part of the ruling class when they gain power. They enter a system where they have to balance the books and serve the interests of capital. Indeed, Labour's history - and the fact that the party revealed itself as lacking not in 1997 but in 1910 - demonstrates how absurd the idea is that a political party can ever be on our side.

But people like Hundal, claiming to speak for "the left" despite being viewed as ridiculous beyond the circle-jerk of internet liberalism, continue to perpetuate the illusions that should have been long shattered. When he talks of Ed Miliband being "radical," he isn't just displaying a profound ignorance of political reality. He's selling an illusion which keeps people trapped in the political system which props up and defends capitalism. If you want to know why liberalism is an utter crock of shit, you need look no further.