Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Quote of the day... the Liverpool Division of the EDL's rallying cry against the left;
They call themselves "Activists, Trade Unionists, and Anti Fascists" we and the paper's call them Anarchists.

We've all seen what's happening at London's St Pauls and the same scum wish to do that here in our city and on your streets tomorrow at 5.30pm Liverpool Town Hall. Many of you inc the media see them and shake your heads in disgust, but just how many of you will actually get off your ass and do something about it.

The vast majority of these Anarchists are students or ex Students, the same students who received THOUSANDS of pounds funded by the tax payer YOU! So your paying your fees to see Buses and Transport delayed, weddings cancelled and a logistic nightmare.

All by the same people funded by UNITE the Union, praised in socialist media and consider it justice to URINATE on Police officers who have simply been sent to do their job.

Left Wing Anarchists off our streets. Join the fight GET INVOLVED.
Firstly, as someone who actually calls myself an anarchist, it's good to see us getting all the credit for left wing activity of late. Even if it does just underline how politically illiterate the far-right are. This is the kind of hysterical Red Scare bullshit you'd read in the Daily Mail, except without any sub-editing.

Secondly, it'd help if they at least got their facts right. Tomorrow, nobody has any intention of imitating the occupation outside St Paul's Cathedral in London. What is happening is a protest against the cuts being implemented by Liverpool City Council - £91 million in 2011/12 and £50 million in 2012/13. Cuts to jobs and public services, including hospitals, libraries, the fire brigade and Sure Start centres amongst others. If delays in transport irk you, lads, how exactly will the wholesale annihilation of public services affect you? And you're getting pissed off that we're opposing that?

Third and finally, it's worth noting that these people always contend that they're not fascists. Yet, alongside the authoritarian nationalism and ethno-religious scapegoating that are fair indications of fascist tendencies, what we're also seeing is an increasing hostility to the left and organised workers as the financial crisis escalates. That'd be another box ticked - since the 1926 General Strike saw pickets battling with squads of fascists, and trade unionists were amongst the targets for Hitler's political violence. Thus, when they publicly urge their supporters to join the fight against the organised working class they're following in a long tradition of fascist scumbags doing the dirty work of the bosses.

So yeah, join the fight and get involved. But it's not the fight you think it is. There's a class war raging and the politicians are helping the bosses attack us to save their own hides. No matter what bollocks you want to spout about patriotism the choice is simple - side with the working class or do what fascists always do and be the boot boys of the ruling class. The choice is yours.