Friday, 16 September 2011

Look, ma, I'm on Redwatch!

I was beginning to think the far-right had forgotten about me. After Liverpool Front and Liverpool Anti-Traitors disappeared, and Peter Tierney became obsessed with chasing imaginary paedophiles, it seemed that the unofficial Phil Dickens Fan Club was dead. But not quite, it seems, as I've finally turned up on Redwatch.

Their "bio" of me wasn't particularly imaginative even by idiot Nazi standards;
This ugly freak is Phil Dickens from the hilarious 'Liverpool Anti-Fascists'.
He used to collect trolleys at Sainsburys but was sacked for incompetence.
Though I'm not entirely sure what makes LiverAF "hilarious" (maybe we should do a comedy night), calling me an "ugly freak" is pretty much a standard insult from Nazis whose faces look like spuds that have been flung at a wall.

As for my work, yes - I used to collect trolleys at Sainsbury's (as well as working on the cigarette counter and being the shop steward). I wasn't sacked for incompetence, though. I resigned cause I went full time in my other job after nearly a year of working 48 hours and seven days a week across two jobs. But this is by-the-by, as fascists telling the truth about a "red" they're "exposing" on the internet will surely be a sign of the apocalypse.


At least they managed to get my good side!