Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Anarcho-blogging roundup #9

There has been an awful lot going on lately. As well as keeping me extremely busy, especially in the run-up to June 30, it's also meant that there's an awful lot that this blog simply hasn't covered. As such, I thought it about time for another look around the libertarian left blogosphere.

Image via rebel:art
Firstly, on the News of the World hacking scandal that everyone's talking about, I'll defer to Adam Ford;
Yet every newspaper is subject to exactly the same pressures, in a dwindling but highly competitive market. Murdoch merely acted to introduce a lowest common denominator, a barrel-scraping standard against which all other papers must measure themselves. Respected socialist journalist John Pilger calls Murdoch's effect as being a kind of "cultural Chernobyl", but if it hadn't been Murdoch, it would have been someone else. The decay of capitalism called for Murdoch's brand of 'news', and it would be a huge shock if other papers had been foolish enough not to hack into the phones of people in the public eye.
He also has an excellent analysis of the June 30 strikes, and in particular the urgency of a new working class movement "based on rank-and-file committees in every workplace and community." Cautiously Pessimistic looks at the limitations of the day, whilst SolFed offers more straightforward activity reports from Liverpool, Brighton, Manchester, and North and South London. Another in-depth report from a comrade in Liverpool is up over at Keep the Red Flag Flying High.

@ndy reminds us of the campaign to Free Jock Palfreeman, introduces a new anarchist zine in Syndney, and has a typically irreverent take on the centenary celebrations of North Korea's Kim il-Sung.

Julia at Propaganda La La Land reminds us of a more worthy anniversary. She also offers some thoughts on a disobedience school, the propaganda value of detained Israeli soldiers, and Independence Day. Anarcho Lid is another comrade from Liverpool who has taken up blogging, and his most recent posts look at political parties, the Arab Spring, and the death of Gil Scott Heron.

From's blogs, I've previously linked Juan Conatz's blog on Wisconsin. I'd also recommend Joseph Kay's graphs of class struggle. The Catalyst piece that sparked that confusing myriad of statistical comparisons is here.

Anarkismo has a very interesting article on how the current crisis in Greece has echoes of Yugoslavia. Speaking of which, Occupied London's excellent rolling coverage of the situation there now includes an eyewitness report of the battle for Syntagma Square. Ann Arky offers some solidarity with Greece as well as a report on a two-day cleaner's strike in London.

As a final note, I've just discovered that the insufferable muppet Toby Young has taken on anarchism. If nobody else does, I will, but to save me the task of having to read his dirge, I will gladly repost in full anybody who beats me to the punch and tears his post apart.

Update: Toby Young link now goes to his own site, as the Telegraph blogs version has disappeared.