Thursday, 30 June 2011

As the strike begins...

After all the build up, we find ourselves at June 30th. I write this in haste, being just about to head off to the picket lines, but it's worth noting the occassion.

I'll try to keep tweeting through the day, lest anything of note happens, and of course I'll offer some reflection once it's over. Before we begin, it's worth acknowledging that this is not a "public sector general strike," nor the beginning of a mass strike. It is a set-piece one-day action, and union leaders will be hoping that few of them are needed to win concessions so that it looks like they fought back. They know rank-and-file anger is too strong to defy with a sell-out immediately.

For those of us on the ground, the task is to keep that anger brewing so that it's always too early for a sellout. But ultimately, we don't want the leadership to capitulate slightly later, we want to take the struggle beyond them. So we need to build on what we've managed to instigate for today, and keep offering the kind of spectacular resistance that frightens the officials.

The fightback begins here, but it's up to us what form that takes. Solidarity to all those picketing, protesting, and taking other action today - let's hope this is not the end of it!