Friday, 6 May 2011

The Infidels throw their lot in against the working class

Elements of the far-right - in particular those who have splintered from the English Defence League - have released a "message to the reds and the militants." It warns us that they now intend to "put all our efforts into opposing everything you do." In other words, at a time of sharply accelerating class struggle, the fascists have thrown their lot in against organised workers. As is nearly always the case.

The blog, by someone called "Snowy," begins its declaration of war thus;
Certain groups seem to think its okay to try to stop other peoples right to peacefully protest or run in local elections. Some have constantly posted on the internet peoples photo’s and personal details regardless of the danger they could put them in. Some have physically attacked people who they don’t agree with, although usually only when they massively out number them. Some are openly anti British and wish to destroy our democratic society. Some have had the bare face cheek to insult our brave troops on the streets of the country they risk or sadly give their lives for.
There's little point trying to argue with such an incoherent narrative.

Snowy, no doubt, can't equate anti-fascist counter demonstrations against the far-right with the Casuals United's counter-demonstrations against groups like Muslims Against Crusades. He probably blanks his mind to the EDL's own record on trying to interrupt "red" meetings, or the fact that fellow fascists the BNP harass people at their homes and shops as well as when they're doing political activity on the streets.

He almost certainly puts the blinkers on about Redwatch, or the EDL's incitement to violence against trade unionists on the basis of doctored photographs. In the long track record of fascist violence, the EDL has considerable standing given how relatively new as an organisation it is.

I certainly wouldn't want to confuse him by bringing up when the state and the democratic society he goes on about also engages in repressive tactics. The idea that peaceful protest might be disrupted and squashed by the power behind the flag he waves would probably blow his mind. As, no doubt, would the clearly heretical notion that militant anti-fascists also oppose the Islamist lunatics and idiots in groups like MAC. Clearly, realising that they're cowards who'll quickly cancel protests at the first sign of opposition and thus not worth the hassle is exactly the same as putting our arms around them and cheering them on.

So, we'll sidestep reality and let Snowy go on believing that us "reds" and "militants" are a grave threat to democracy and the right to peaceful protest.

With that in mind, then, "every event you hold will be a potential target along with your meetings, fund raisers and social events." This is supposedly "regardless of the issue at hand," but it can be no coincidence that this comes as the class struggle is escalating. Not least because the far-right have been largely sidelined with the austerity programme and growing class anger against it.

In fact, it's safe to say that this follows directly from the English Defence League declaring its support for the police in the wake of the student protests and vowing to be part of a "ring of steel" around the royal wedding. As the mask of liberalism slips, so the overlap between ruling class and fascist interests is underlined. They have a common enemy in a working class that is mobilising to defend itself and "so its game on," in Snowy's words.

This may well come to nothing, as it has in the past. But we should still be aware of that chance "The Infidels" will "be arriving at an event you hold." The link between anti-fascism and class struggle has never been more explicit. As Snowy says, "you can’t say you haven’t been warned."