Friday, 20 May 2011

Another arrest for Liverpool BNP's Peter Tierney

BNP "super activist" and increasingly-unhinged lunatic Peter Tierney was arrested on Thursday. Details of the actual charge haven't yet emerged. However, according to the BNP website, it was in connection to him distributing a leaflet on the "Labour 25."

The Labour 25 is, allegedly, a roll call of 25 Labour Party officials or councillors guilty of sex offences.  The website is here, and I must stress that I cannot account for the veracity of the charges one way or the other. What I do note, though, is that the language used - with stresses on "Marxist" and "Zionist" all over the place - clearly denotes it as being the product of far-right nationalists.

The style of the latest post, in particular the flow of text being interrupted by hyperlinks, is very similar to that of a lot of articles posted on the Liverpool BNP blog indicating at least a crossover of the two groups. Thus, it is no surprise to hear that Tierney was giving out "Labour 25" leaflets.

Nevertheless, it remains true that the logic employed on the site is extremely flawed. From the original position that "there are 25 convicted paedophiles behind bars having had positions with the Labour Party," it goes on to wonder "how many more remain free as the Labour Party ignores the infection in their ranks." This is then tied into the "introduc[tion of] explicit sex education for 5 year olds" and "acceptances of homosexuality material [sic] also aim[ed] at primary school children."

All of the above gives the site's authors cause to ponder "are these grooming tactics brought into the curriculum by the Labour party" and "are paedophiles really becoming a protected species"? The answer to both of which, of course, is no.

The reality is that Britain doesn't have "explicit sex education for 5 year olds." Primary schools are in fact free not to offer any kind of sex education and parents can opt-out if they do. In fact, we're even lacking explicit education at an older age, as three in ten teenagers say they need more sex and relationships education. Far from being overloaded with information about sex, British children are largely ignorant of a lot of the important facts.

It is a common fallacy on the extreme right to assume that if a number from any given demographic do/have done something, then all within that group are guilty of the same. Hence 25 paedophiles being from the Labour Party (true or not) makes the Labour Party a party of paedophiles. Just as the existence of Asian gangs which groom and attack young girls makes "Muslim paedophiles" pretty much a tautology. However, for some reason, the existence of paedophiles in the BNP [1, 2, 3, 4] doesn't mean that all fascists are child abusers.

It is also important to note that the link the BNP/Labour 25 make between homosexuality and paedophilia is at best dubious. At worst, it is a deliberate distortion to engender and justify homophobia.

All of these notions fit in naturally with the standard practice of racist discourse (though it doesn't have to apply only to ethnic groups), where out-group hostility means applying common - usually negative - traits to all those of an enemy "tribe." Only the in-group are granted the privilege of any kind of individualism.

Such beliefs are long-held within fascist circles, and so it is no surprise to find the BNP promoting them. But it does show the depths to which a failed and imploding party have sunk, making something as profoundly horrific as child abuse into a party-political issue.