Sunday, 17 April 2011

The chasm between libertarians and reality

If ever you needed proof that those attending the so-called Rally Against Debt are not in any way representative of ordinary people, you need only read the pronouncements of its biggest advocates. In particular, what caught my eye was the response of Devil's Kitchen to the fact that the government's austerity measures will increase household debt for ordinary people.

The detatchment from reality is astounding;
Now, I am about to advance something of a radical idea, but hear me out... Are you ready?

When your household income drops, how about YOU DROP YOUR SPENDING TOO?

I mean, for fuck's sake, it's not a difficult concept. I know that, for the last 15 years or so, you have been watching financially incontinent governments piss money away like a drunken sailor who's just won the Lottery spending his way through the entire port—but emulating the government is just stupid.

If you haven't got the fucking cash, don't bloody spend it.

It's not difficult, seriously.
Except, for an awful lot of people, it is. When the percentage of GDP going on wages has shrunk steadily over 30 years, and most wage increases are real-terms pay cuts, it really is fucking difficult.

Not bloody spending the cash means not paying bills and struggling to stay afloat. Maybe not for DK and his ilk. The fantasy world they inhabit far away from really-existing-capitalism seems such a swell place. But for us ordinary, working class people, that world doesn't exist. This one does, where their dogmatic bullshit doesn't match up with what's actually happening.

The libertarian right is not a movement for freedom. There is no liberty to be had in what they advocate. It is certainly not a movement of ordinary people. Their Rally Against Debt is "the privileged and elite crying out for increased hardship to fall on the working class so that they can be better off."

We should remember that when they take to the streets. Just as "socialism" without freedom is brutality and slavery, so "freedom" without socialism is privilege and injustice. For genuine libertarians, those of us who are fighting for a better world rather than just cheering on the state as it attacks ordinary people, these worthless cretins are the enemy too.