Friday, 4 March 2011

Policy Exchange on "the rise of street extremism"

Via Sketchy Thoughts, I've recently come across this video on You Tube. It's a candid public document from Policy Exchange on how to curb the "significant sections of the extreme left [that] have little intention of confining their opposition to Coalition policies to peaceful, democratic protest."

I'll offer no comment on the comparisons made between terrorist organisations and the organised working class, or the framework of debate on offer here. This is, after all, not an open debate between various sections of society - it is a strategy discussion geared towards a ruling class looking to contain discontent. As can be seen by the quote "the government or the politicians have to kettle the political debate as efficiently as the met kettles rioters."

Nothing within this video is particularly revelatory. We will not learn from it the great tactical plans of the state, nor how to challenge them in ways that we haven't already thought of.

Nonetheless, it does illustrate just how worried the ruling class are. Not by electoral challenges, or the fruitless gestures of mainstream politics, but by class anger manifesting on the streets in the form of direct action. It also illustrates the attitude that our class enemy takes towards that.

David MacLean's speech is particularly instructive. "Will lawbreaking, direct action, and violence succeed? ... Yes it can, it can succeed, unless positive steps are taken to stop it." His is essentially a call that the state doesn't "give the impression of weakness," and that the government should not be "overly neutral." The point being that the police's role as the enforcers of the status quo should be shored up and that any percieved "ringleaders" should be targetted as part of a "decapitation policy."

Again, most people reading this will already be aware of these facts. But there are many more who won't be. The liberal "left" still promotes the idea that we live in an open democracy and that people can challenge established power safely and the vast majority believe that line. This video represents the elite candidly pointing out that this view is woefully out of touch with reality. As Sketchy Thoughts says, "even if you don't learn anything listening to this, the examples of what they are saying may be useful in educating others."

The strategists of the ruling class are reading our websites and watching our movements. We need to be watching theirs just as closely.