Friday, 11 February 2011

On March 26th, Ed Miliband deserves what Aaron Porter got on January 29th

It seems that Labour leader Ed Miliband will address the TUC's "March for the Alternative." It seems that he has learned Aaron Porter's lesson from January, and will not join the march proper. However, this doesn't mean that he shouldn't meet the same fate as the spineless NUS bureaucrat.

A lot of people are overstating the significance of this event. This goes for people like Owen Jones on the left, who believe that "Labour stands with all of those who will be hit by cuts," as much as the Daily Mail ranting about how "Red Ed" will "highlight his close links to the union barons who gifted him the Labour leadership." My final word on the idea that Ed is any shade of red - or that Labour can ever be a "workers' party" - can be found here, with links to previous posts on the subject.

What I will say is that we cannot simply accept this happening. Even grudging acceptance of his presence on the platform will be too much. At the very least, Miliband's address must be drowned out by the chorus of a million hecklers. Him being egged off the stage and afraid to show his face would be a genuine joy to behold.

I agree with Jones that "Ed Miliband’s appearance at the demo will be an important symbolic gesture." But it is not "one that the left should applaud." It has the potential to strangle the potential for a rank-and-file rebellion against the cuts, and the man deserves nothing but relentless hostility.