Sunday, 23 January 2011

RIP Mark "Mozaz" Wallis

Mark Wallis, an anarchist and photographer in Sheffield, has passed away. Though I never got to know him personally, despite apparently walking right past him at a demo in Sheffield last year, I was familiar enough with him to be saddened by news of his passing.

That we can make connections with, and feel a pang at the loss of, people we would never otherwise meet is perhaps one of the positives of the internet. Though we had our disagreements, one of which led to him removing me from his Facebook account, we continued to converse via Twitter, and I was quite proud that he continued to re-post my blogs on his own when he thought the message worth spreading.

For those who knew him better than I, there is a far more fitting tribute to him over at Incurable Hippie's blog. For my part, I will simply end with that timeless sentiment: rest in peace, comrade.