Sunday, 30 January 2011

Proof of an old maxim

It transpires that a peaceful UK Uncut demonstration on Oxford Street in London today was met with police violence.

CW2440 - police thug
According to the group's press release;
Before 15:00 outside Boots on Oxford Street a female activist tried to push a leaflet through the closed door of Boots explaining the details of Boots' tax avoidance to the staff.

A police officer then arrested the individual for "criminal damage". Around 20 people tried to help the female being arrested and 10 were subsequently pepper sprayed. Three people have been taken to hospital.
Fit Watch tells us that this was the act of officer CW2440, who "has also been accused of trying to incite violence at UKUncut protests on 15 January 2011." It adds that this follows the comments of Hugh Orde, to the Guardian, that "we must be clear that the people who wish to demonstrate won't engage, communicate or share what they intend to do with us, and so our policing tactics will have to be different ... slightly more extreme."

This is yet more proof that police violence is neither rare nor occassionally "excessive." It is institutional and neccessary to the defence of the state, making all who wear the uniform enemies of the working class. Or, as the old saying goes, All Cops Are Bastards.