Monday, 17 January 2011

A note on Ed Miliband

Yesterday, I watched Ed Miliband tell Andrew Marr that he was "appalled" by the idea of strikes on the day of the royal wedding. He also declared that "strikes are a last resort and a sign of failure on both sides" and "the way you change a government is through the ballot box."

However, when I came to blog about it last night, nothing came. I have written about the dead weight of the Labour Party, and the inevitability that it will act against the interests of the working class, too many times. In fact, the only reason I kept writing was as a counterweight to those who, whether through naivety, political opportunism, or whatever, kept pushing people to "hold their nose" and "vote Labour without illusions."

But it's tiring. The same old arguments are trotted out time and time again, the same blind hope on the back of no evidence whatsoever, the same acceptance that we the best we can hope for in life is a government ever-so-slightly less shit than the Tories.

I still believe that this is wrong, and I will still make the arguments to anybody who is new to politics or has been duped by the sophistry of whichever centre-left careerists / Trotskyite party-builders are peddling the "but... Labour..." line this week. But I'm not going to write about it anymore unless there's something particularly noteworthy.

Instead, I point people to some of my previous posts on this subject;
As a final word, I will say: have no illusions - don't vote, organise!