Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Anarcho-blogging roundup #5

There's been an awful lot going on, of late, and I haven't been able to discuss a lot of it. As such, I thought that another roundup of the anarchist and left-libertarian blogosphere - as ever, with a couple of sites that don't self-identify as such lobbed in for the fun of it.

To kick off, Adam Ford has shifted his entire operation from Dreaming Neon Black to Infantile Disorder. Whether he will live up to his promise of more frequent updates remains to be seen. Nonetheless, what content does go up is as interesting as ever - such as his pieces on Iain Duncan Smith and the Logic of the Workhouse and The Battle of Millbank: A Watershed in UK Fightback.

Picture taken from Everything is awesome; fundamentally ϟⓋ
@ndy offers typically tongue-in-cheek comment on the police response to the screening of a banned film. He also continues to explore the world of the far-right - from the bizarre phenomenon of white supremacism by non-whites to an attack on an ARA activist's house in Calgary.

Still with antifascism, Malatesta comments on the slow and painful demise of the BNP, and details how the EDL and Muslims Against Crusades are "two sides of the same idiot." Antifa England give us the tale of Jock Palfreeman, and challenge the conception that "there is no Antifa in Poland." And the Anti-Racist Canada collective tell us that the "Beast of Bolzano" is Dead.

Ian Bone believes that momentum is building. He also comments on the naming of police operations to catch rioters.

The Liverpool Solidarity Federation have been campaigning locally, and urge people to ignore sell-out student leaders. Their Brighton counterparts talk about breaking glass and building solidarity. Nationally, SolFed laughs off the Millbank blame game. They have also released a statement on the cuts and how to respond as Workers Pay for Capitalism's Crisis.

Ann Arky explores November in working class history, and talks about tax avoidance by Boots.

Molly marked Armistice Day with a selection of anti-war songs, whilst radical folk singer Alun Parry released a new one called "Come Join the Army, Son." Sung without musical accompaniment, it will give you goosebumps. Especially knowing that it's based on a true story.

Quiet Riot Girl recommends Anti-Intellect's post on How the black community killed heterosexuality. Of her own writing, I'll recommend why she is pissed off with Queer Theory and the debunking of the idea that the daughters of lesbians are more likely to be bisexual.

Also highly recommended is Mr Civil Libertarian's response to Labour MP Tom Harris: Security v liberty, redux. Not to mention Julia's polemics on what Conservative governments do (not to mention the fact that Labour are no alternative), and why neo-cons are fuckwits.

All of which should provide more than enough light and not-so-light reading for those who, like me, spend far more time looking for the interesting reads on the blogosphere than actually reading them.