Thursday, 23 September 2010

Support Chris Moyles? I'll pass, thanks

On the lighter side of the news today, we discover that radio "personality" Chris Moyles hasn't been paid by the BBC for two months;
Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles hit out at his BBC bosses yesterday in an extraordinary rant on his breakfast show, accusing them of “a huge lack of respect” and revealing he had not been paid since July.

Moyles told listeners he was “very, very angry” about the situation, and said he thought about not coming in to present the show.

He said the corporation could not “be bothered” to pay him, and asked: “Why should I come in? It’s a two-way street. What annoys me is the fact I mentioned it to people this week. Fix it, just get it fixed. It’s a huge lack of respect and a massive ‘FU’ to me.”
As a result, a semi-ironic "Twibbon" has been launched, allowing users to support the DJ through their Twitter profiles. It is also suggested that they "could donate some tins of beans, or some old clothes or something." You could even "just let him sleep on the sofa."

Some might think it wrong to take the piss out of a worker denied pay by their bosses. Even such an overpaid, reactionary gasbag as Chris Moyles. But I beg to differ.

Not least because he's a scab. Moyles crossed a BBC picket line in 2005, ignoring the wishes of workmates who were fighting to prevent 4,000 job cuts. In order to "grace" the airwaves with his banal idiocy, he betrayed people paid a lot less than him trying to hold onto their livelihoods.

As such I don't have an ounce of sympathy for the worthless fat cunt.