Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Anarchist action at the party conferences - and beyond...

In the same manner as the Radical Workers' Bloc planned for the Liberal Democrat party conference here in Liverpool, it seems anarchists in Birmingham have their eyes on the Conservatives;
As most of you know, the Tories are holding their Conservative Party Conference in October to meet with various heads of industry to define the future of our communities.

As usual our our interests are being decided by corporations such as RBS, BAES, A|D|S, G4S, ASDA / Wallmart, Tesco and the Tobacco Manufacturers Association to name but a few.

If the corporate involvement of the CPC hasn’t pissed you off enough, the Tories will be holding various champagne breakfasts, dinners and events in Birmingham to discuss cuts in spending that will negatively impact on our lives over the coming months whilst the rich and corporations continue reaping the benefits.

They talk, but what the hell do these bastards know of our struggle?

Enough! You have bitten the hand that fed you for the last time.


CPC Convergence Direct Action Bloc!

Sunday October 3rd 2010 from 12 noon

Remember all the cool kids are wearing black…

Venue / Target map…

Updates / Banners / Posters / Stickers (Mirrors coming soon)

Spread the word and get organised.
It is good to see anarchists taking the initiative and bringing the struggle to the streets. I only hope that, as a movement, we are able to keep our focus once the big moment in front of the cameras passes.

As I said in relation to the Radical Workers' Bloc, the point at such protests isn't to appeal to the politicians, but to our fellow workers. There we are making the case for a campaign of militancy and direct action, fighting the class war on the streets and picket lines.

Once the conferences are over, we still have to do exactly that.

Even if these events attract twenty thousand people under the anarchist banner, the red and black flags will wave for nothing if we don't follow through with our rhetoric.

When the crunch comes, we have to lead by example.