Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Anarcho-blogging roundup #2

Once again, I find myself away from my home and the computer in it.

This time, I'm in York enjoying a combination of history, culture, and pub lunches. To tide people over until regular blogging resumes, I thought I'd offer another roundup of the anarchist/left-libertarian blogosphere.

Julia from Ten Minutes Hate is on a longer hiatus than myself, but suggests a trawl through the archives.

Ann Arky comments on Child Abuse by the State

Kevin Carson, at the Centre for a Stateless Society, explains exactly why free-market capitalism is an oxymoron. Related to that, though she hasn't updated her blog for a few months, Anok asks whether anarcho-capitalism is fascism or freedom.

The Cactus Mouth Informer introduces us to Mr Wantage.

Ian Bone has a few words about Galloway, Moat, the EDL, and the underclass. The Barnsdale Brigade are reflecting on the police in the Raoul Moat situation, as well as suggesting McDonalds pay for the NHS.

Mollymew tells us how workers in Williamson, New York have taken strike action to a whole new level - by picketing at other plants to which their work is being outsourced. @ndy offers a write-up of the Kennon Auto dispute.

Also from @ndy, check out the latest set of Antifa Notes. Liverpool Antifascists' coverage of the BNP's dissident purging, and Anti-Racist Canada's efforts at Putting Things in Perspective For Our Neo-nazi Friends are also worth a read.

No Borders Brighton have something to say about mindless bureaucracy, racist shock tactics, and more appaling standards in detention centres.

As ever, there's much more out there than what's listed above - even if you don't venture beyond one small segment of the political spectrum. But then, this isn't an exhaustive list - it's just filler whilst I can't blog properly.