Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Anarcho-blogging roundup

I'm currently away from home (and thus my own PC) in London.

I will be home tomorrow, and normal blogging service will resume therafter. Whilst I'm on this - extremely brief - blogging hiatus, though, here's a quick roundup of other worthwhile anarchist and left-libertarian reads.

The Liverpool Solidarity Federation congratulates German anarcho-syndicalists FAU-B on their court victory. Brighton SolFed have an emergency budget special edition of their newsletter out. 

Their local No Borders comrades offers some comment on recent forcible deportations both here and here. They also ask "Just Who Is Responsible For UK's Worsening Treatment Of Migrants?"

Adam Form has excellent reviews of both The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists and Simon Pirani's The Russian Revolution in Retreat, 1920-24. The latter offering historical context on the Russian revolution which ties in nicely with my Property is Theft post on Communism and the State.

Seán from The Soul of Man Under Capitalism lifts The Veils of Illusion from Tory cuts and dissects the budget. Julia at 10 Minutes Hate has a similar assesment of the budget as well as a warning to children not to bully the weird kids

Slackbastard @ndy has coverage of Kiwis arrested in Toronto, as well as the continuing misadventures of Australia's fascists here, here and here.

To round everything off, whilst contemplating the ConDem government's policy of "dis a disabled," Bendy Girl is suffering Oxycontin withdrawal.

There are more than a few good reads in there, which should tide things over until I return to Liverpool. If you still end up lacking anything to fill that time, I'd suggest that you're not really using the internet properly.