Monday, 29 March 2010

The unofficial Phil Dickens fan club

As regular readers of this blog will be aware, one of the things that I'm heavily involved in is antifascism. I've attended a lot of activities organised by Liverpool Antifascists, and the guys who admin the Liverpool Antifascists blog have used my reports about many of these activities on their site. Perhaps because I'm the only poster on there who doesn't use a pseudonym, this has led a lot of fascists to assume that I'm some kind of "leader" of Liverpool Antifascists.

Needless to say, this assumption is based on the incoherent ramblings of a few people who are, well, batshit crazy. Take Peter Tierney, or Peter Quiggins as his Facebook profile would have it. Currently awaiting retrial for assaulting an antifascist last year, the former owner of the Quiggins centre isn't exactly known for his ideological coherency.

Now Now Mr Dickens,don't be spouting your Communist views here trying to manipulate support from the public,we are all waking up to your controlling Regime,This lady is well awake, she didn't need me to enlighten her. what you don't tell her is it is you and your organisation who mobilise the Muslims against our returning troops and orchestrate defacing war monuments up and down the Country. Your little handful of Anarchist ( i hate everything brigade ) does nothing here,so move along now,and carry on writing your character assassination articles ( that are financed by the Government ) and amuse us. Sharia finance comes with Moral and Ethical conditions attached to any contract signed,which only benefits the Muslim Ideology ( Political Cult ) ie Smoking ban,Pubs will close down all Schools must serve Halal the hole face of Britain will have to change to comply to these conditions,it is a way of Blackmailing a Country to adapt to their ways [sic]
Get all that? He also said "Haha You Moron'[sic] the LibLabCon are made up having you as there[sic] journalist, concentrate on the politicians in power not ordinary people. don't[sic] try to straddle your support as if for no one ' yet stealthily supporting the Muslims ...PPPipppyyyyy[?]" after I posted a link to my call for people to oppose both the English defence League and Islam4UK in Wootton Bassett. The mind doth boggle.

Still, thus far it was just Tierney and his brother Andrew, who just loves taking pictures of me and my fellow "reds." The nut who honestly believed that I was a Communist, and a journalist for the "LibLabCon," (which isn't, believe it or not, a convention for freed Andrex puppies) and organised Muslim protests against "our" homecoming troops. Since then, however, it seems he's convinced more people of this and started a fan club.*

Tierney announced it with these words;
Phil Dickens ( Pippy Boy ) Looks very confident, Knowing he has establishment protection, he not only gets paid by the LibLabCon as one of their party stormtrooper journalists... The objective always being to incite violence towards us... YOUR TIME IS COMING TO AN END LUV, Your cover has been blown evrybody is onto you now.
I wish somebody had told me I had "establishment protection" got paid as a "stormtrooper journalist." It seems my cheques have been lost in the post, and I have to make do with the pay from my ordinary job. Shame.

Anyway, I later happened upon a pronouncement from "Ainzy1488" (real name Ben Ainsworth) on Stormfront that he was "currently in the process of getting emails containg pictures of phil dickens[sic] who runs the following blogs."** As "Ainzy Widnes" he, along with fellow autonomous nationalist Danny Davies (NSDan on Stormfront), had tried to add me as a friend on Facebook. Needless to say, they were denied. I have no time for Nazis who like to play at being black-bloc anarchists.

Perhaps that's why they felt I deserved particular attention on the "the enemy" section of the Liverpool Front blog.

According to that, I am "an organiser in Liverpool of many different Marxist activities." As I'm an anarchist rather than a Marxist, this seems unlikely, but anyway my "speciality is lying through his teeth!" My blogs are "full of outright lies and fabrications, opinion presented as truth." No, actually, they're full of opinion presented as opinion which I try to back up with facts and reason. Subtle difference.

I apparently "refuse to enter into a debate with his opposition." Let's ponder on this, shall we? How feasible is a friendly, logical debate with someone who's just tried to gatecrash an antifascist event with the intent of causing trouble? How easy is it to talk rationally with someone who keeps offering you a "straightner?" I did actually briefly engage in debate with Danny on that night, but realised that it was pointless when a conversation on class quickly veered off into talk about "the Jews." That's why I since realised not to bother and prefer to "sit behined[sic] his computer and lie about any subject" or, more accurately, present my opinion on it.

The final question Liverpool Front pose is this: "Who is he, where is he from and what is his motivation?" The answer is that I'm Phil Dickens and I'm from Liverpool (which, frankly, anyone could have worked out for themselves from the "about" section of this blog). As for my motivation, well that comes from the fact that I am an anarchist and passionately believe that it is up to the working class to defend themselves against the threats of capitalism, imperialism, and fascism. That, too, should be obvious.

But anyway, there you have it: the unofficial Phil Dickens fan club. Hardly worthy of note, except for the fact that it's funny and - having to dash off to work - I haven't really got the time to write about anything more substantial today.

*Note for the troop of nationalists who take everything literally: that was sarcasm. I do not actually believe that you are my fans or that you have started a club to that effect. Idiots.

**Ainzy claimed on Stormfront that I run Truth, Reason & Liberty and the Liverpool Antifascists blog. In fact, although I am a contributor to the latter, I don't run it. My actual second blog (apologies for the shameless plug) is called Property is Theft!