Friday, 22 January 2010

The last word on Tory MP Bill Wiggin

On Tuesday Kraft Foods secured a deal to buy fellow confectioner Cadbury for £11.9 million. The deal, which has been in the making since a £10.9bn offer was rejected last September, has angered shareholders. More vitally, the takeover raises significant fears over jobs. This concern is particularly acute after Peter Mandleson's admission that the government could do nothing to protect jobs. Cadbury workers now face an uphill struggle, with their very livelihoods hanging in the balance.

Hence why these comments by Tory MP Bill Wiggin are utterly beyond the pale;
I worry that by sending out such negative signals it puts people's jobs more at risk. No-one wants to hire a whinging workforce when you could have a positive upbeat one.
I was going to write a longer piece on the Tories and their utter contempt for the working class, as well as why class struggle and the will to stand up for yourself are vital. However, as I argue such points enough on this blog, I'm going to allow myself to be lazy and simply voice the first thoughts I had when I read this story;

What an utter cunt.