Friday, 25 December 2009

Season's Greetings

It's finally here. All of the stress, headaches, and frenzied panic that accompany preparations for today are over, and we can sit back and relax.

Having been treated to a truly epic fry-up by the in-laws, I can now reflect that my own personal financial troubles don't seem as weighty with the monstrous commercial headache that is Christmas shopping behind me for another year. In fact, even as an ordinary working man struggling to support a household on at least five grand less than the average national wage, I can actually say I'm quite privileged.

Of course, like everybody else, I'm forced to sell my labour and live within the boundaries of a state-capitalist system in order to survive. But, at this present moment, I'm not the victim of massive state repression. I'm not living in grinding poverty. I don't have to survive as a second-class citizen in a brutal apartheid system. I'm not facing slaughter for my ethnicity. I don't risk being murdered by being part of a trade union. And I don't have to be unerringly subservient to the opposite sex for fear of whips lacerating my skin or stones crashing at my head.

This, it could be argued, is a sign of how far we have come in our struggles. But it's also a sign of how many victories our comrades across the globe have yet to win. And how far we as a species have still to go. It's worth remembering as we sit down to our dinners, both the solidarity that others need and the good fortune that we have.

This time of year means many different things to different people. Whether you're an atheist or religious, whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, the Winter Solstice, Yule, Hannukah, Gift Giving Day, or even your own birthday, however, the basic central theme remains the same. Whatever our own personal leanings, we come together in the name of family, togetherness, light, hope, and faith in the darkest depths of the year.

So no matter what you call it, or how you do it, have a good one. In the spirit of liberty, equality, community, and solidarity, make sure the holiday of your choosing is a happy one.

Merry Christmas: the Class War ain't over yet!