Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Peter Tierney and Merseyside BNP head to court yet again...

Today, Merseyside BNP "super-activist" Peter Tierney was up at the Crown Court to enter a plea on charges of assault. In response, Liverpool Antifascists turned up to distribute leaflets informing the public of exactly who Merseyside BNP has in its ranks.

Overall, the response to the leaflets from the public was a positive one and several hundred were distributed. (Click on the image to the left to download a PDF version.) The only negative response antifascists received was from people who picked up on the word "BNP" and instantly became wary, only letting their guard down once they realised that the leafleters were opposed to the fascists, not for them. Such a reaction from those mistakenly believing that antifascists actually support the BNP is a common one, and betrays the depth of feeling against the party amongst the ordinary, working class people of Liverpool.

As a counterpoint, the fascists were out in force today, with Steve Greenhalgh, and Clive Jefferson amongst those most familiar to the BNP amongst the swarm of suited "activists" waiting to enter the court. And of course there was Andrew Tierney, who was happy to mingle with the gaggle of tracksuited boneheads brought in to make laughable attempts at intimidating the "reds."

For as long as antifascists were there, Andrew continued to film them. There were also shouts and attempts at goading from him and his fellow goons as time drew on. Perhaps due to the proximity of the crown court, the police (better known for protecting the BNP rather than persecuting them) actually responded to complaints about the filming.

Particularly ironic was the moment when one police officer threatened to charge Steve Greenhalgh with a breach of section 5 of the Public Order Act for swearing at him. It was this same breach that one of our own activists was found guilty of when Tierney's accusations of assault and criminal damage were thrown out as untenable nonsense. For Merseyside BNP this amounted to a "serious public order offence," though we imagine it will quickly become "police persecution" now that Greenhalgh is on the receiving end.

Having delivered their leaflets and accomplished what they needed to, antifascists then left the scene – and the boneheads – behind. They will, however, be returning when Tierney faces trial and he is finally forced to face the truth of his actions back in April.

Further updates on the case to follow on the Liverpool Antifascists website soon.