Wednesday, 30 December 2009

A minor point...

From BBC News;
Gordon Brown has used his new year message to warn voters not to let the Conservatives "wreck the recovery".

While it had been painful for some, his government had already "seen off the worst of the recession", the PM said.

With an election pending he pledged a decade of "shared prosperity" and warned against unfairness if "the privileged few protect themselves".
According to the Conservatives, this is proof that the Prime Minister is "intent on waging a negative and pointless class war." For reasons I've already explained, this is nonsense.

However, several questions remain unasked;
  1. Where is this recovery that the Tories would supposedly wreck?
  2. Whilst the Conservatives would help "the privileged few protect themselves," how is this different from Labour policy over the past decade, particularly during this recession?
  3. What part does allowing the closure of Britain's only wind turbine factory play in "invest[ing] in the "industries of the future" - such as high speed rail and clean energy?"
  4. How does the decimation of the steel industry of Middlesborough and a political battle over who best can wipe out the livelihoods of the lowest paid public sector workers class as "see[ing] off the worst of the recession?"
Brown is right when he says that "unemployment, repossessions and bankruptcies would have been much worse" under a Conservative government. However, with the above questions unanswered and indeed unanswerable, his promise of "shared prosperity" in the decade ahead rings as hollow. As does the idea that he is waging a "class war" on behalf of, rather than against, the poor.