Friday, 11 December 2009

Fink Tanks

The following blog, by Seán over at The Soul of Man Under Capitalism, says all that I think really needs to be said on the pissing contest between the Tories and Labour to be the "toughest" on public sector spending cuts.

I'm confused. I know I have not had the advantages bestowed upon our rulers - private education, top university, the advice from the great and good. But this is fucking baffling:

'Cut 1 million public sector jobs to pay off Britain's debts' - Telegraph

"Reform, a cross-party think-tank, said that whoever wins the next general election should make cuts in the public sector equal to cutting one in six public sector jobs, including doctors, nurses, police and teachers.

Labour and the Conservatives are competing over pledges to make Whitehall more efficient."

How the fuck exactly would this help bring a failing economy out of recession? Just because they are public sector workers does not mean that they exist in some kind of bubble. Do they believe there would be no ripple effect resulting from the decimation of such a large number of jobs? Would not tax revenues fall further? Would schools and hospitals still be able to function without a full quota of staff? And that is predicated upon those jobs being lost merely through not replacing people who leave their positions. What about unemployment benefit or housing benefit payments for people losing their jobs? Will it be more efficient for the state to exist with such levels of mass unemployment? A reserve, reserve army if you will. Or do they expect the private sector to create more jobs in the future? What type of jobs would be created? More service industry jobs? How? How the fuck can you create more 'service' jobs when there are so many people unemployed, so many people who lack spending power - the basis of post-industrial societies?

This doesn't add up - in any fucking universe.

Also, why are 'think tanks' filled to the brim with such fuckwits?

And then this bollocks, too, by Brown:

"On Monday, Gordon Brown admitted there is a culture of excess in public sector pay and pledged another £3 billion of efficiency savings over four years."

We all know who will bear the brunt of these cuts, the lowest paid. And it is also strange that in the public sector we have a culture of excess, meanwhile in the partly tax-payer owned banks, we need to give our bankers big fucking juicy bonuses because the market dictates that is what they are worth. Talented people deserves their big pay and bonuses - and if we don't pay them, then they will be attracted do what exactly? Fuck up the balance sheets of other financial institutions?

Does anybody really buy these shoddy, one-dimensional ideas? Oh yes - we must do. For during the next election campaign these ideas of cutting pay and cutting jobs, and which will be the best party (the most draconian and efficient) to implement the much needed pain - will no doubt be top of the agenda. This crass slash and burn ride through public services is merely their way towards a neo-liberal, small state utopia. Or if you happen to be working class, a great depression - a dystopia of unimaginable bleakness.

Fink tanks - no fanks.

*Also just as I was about to publish, I found this via Harpy. Richard Murphy shows how completely irrational in stark economic terms these proposals are:

Tax Research UK » The Tories – heading for Depression