Thursday, 16 April 2009

Fascism goes green

In the run-up to elections, political parties always do everything they can to seem as all things to all men. However, the BNP's attempt to define itself as "Britain's only true Green Party" really does have to be seen to be believed.

Apparently, the Green Party is actually "a front for the far left of the Labour regime," despite their being an entirely separate party with an impressive record of activism and campaigning on green issues as well as a whole host of other subjects, and the BNP "is this nation’s only true Green party" and the only one with "policies that will actually save the environment."

Yes, you really did read that right.

The biggest threat to the environment now is not, it seems, man-made climate change which will lead to a global catastrophe and destroy 85% of the world's population in the next 20 years if nothing is done. No, there's something much worse that only the BNP can handle. The truth is that "overpopulation - whose primary driver is immigration, as revealed by the government’s own figures - is the cause of the destruction of our environment." Moreover, "independent environmental organisations believe that Britain’s population needs to be significantly reduced" and "our immigration policies will achieve this." Seriously.

The BNP's policy on other environmental problems is also "refreshingly different" because it will "develop renewable energy sources such as off-shore wind farms, wave, tidal and solar energy" as the Greens have pleged to do, "investigate the feasibility of cutting-edge, intrinsically-safe, fast-breeder nuclear stations" and "Develop alternative transport fuels such as bio-diesel and hydrogen" as the mainstream parties have pleged to do and every serious green organisation warns against, "Invest in a high-speed, magnetic levitation, inter-city rail network" which has long been on the cards because of the environmental impact of cheap flights, and "Allow the building of a new privately-funded airport on reclaimed land in the Thames estuary to reduce the pressure on, and stop the constant expansion of, the South East’s airports" which essentially moves the expansion to another place rather than actually stopping it.

Oh yes, such radically "different" policies from the "green" BNP there.

And, as a passing note, the BNP "accepts" that climate change "is a threat to Britain" (and, presumably, the rest of the planet as well) and offers the suggestion that "we should try to minimise the emission of greenhouse gases and other pollutants," as has already been advised a thousand times over, yet offered no actual suggestions as to how this might be done.

"The time has come for change," the BNP declares. Oh yes. Because who wants sensible and well thought out environmental policies by dedicated activists when you can have a hodge-podge of incoherent ideas stolen from a variety of sources with no substance to back them up? The BNP has just four tiny paragraphs of environmental policy, by contrast with the Green Party's policy page on the environment and animals, in-depth policy pages on Climate Change, the countryside, and forestry, and a policy page on green energy, backed up by scientific reports on the changes needed to government energy policy and a comparison between nuclear power and electricity-saving measures.

Yes. It really is clear that the BNP are "this nations only true Green party." If, of course, you have absolutely no clue as to what it means to be green.