Saturday, 28 June 2008

The real scroungers bleeding the UK dry...

I read a story in the Daily Mail today that, were it not for the titles of those involved, would have the anti-immigrant press frothing at the mouth. The family involved are descended from immigrants who came here illegally, don't have proper jobs, don't pay taxes, and - despite each having vast personal fortunes - get to live rent free, charge their shopping to the taxpayer, take expensive holidays abroad for free, and can even go the pub at our expense. As if that wasn't outrageous enough, they're now claiming that they have to "patch and mend" and are demanding an increase in the money they get - to the tune of £32 MILLION!

I speak, of course, of our "Royal Family", the Windsors:
* The cost to the taxpayer of the Royal Family last year was £40million - equivalent to 66p per person per year.
* The Civil List payment to the Queen has risen to £12.7million.
* The cost of royal travel shot up to £6.2million last year.
* Aides claim there is a £32million 'black hole' in the budget for essential palace maintenance.


Sir Alan Reid, Keeper of the Privy Purse, admitted yesterday that the cost of the monarchy is now rising at almost twice the rate of inflation, reversing years of falls in real terms.
Last year's bill to the taxpayer of £40million does not include the cost of security provided by the Army and police.
The Queen also received a £500,000 'pay rise' - taking her Civil List payment from the Government, used to fund her official duties, to £12.7million.
That is an inflation-busting increase of 4.1 per cent.
The idea that the Royals deserve more money is made even more laughable by the fact that, on the same day the Daily Mail and Daily Express reported this, the Sun ran the following story:
THE Queen has her own drive-through McDonald’s, The Sun can reveal.

Her Majesty became landlady this month when a retail park down the road from Windsor Castle was bought by the Crown Estate for £92million.

Surely someone who can fork out £92 million to frivolously purchase a McDonald's, of all things, cannot credibly claim to live a "patch and mend" existence?

Why should we pay for these people to have power and priviledge by accident of birth alone? They're an unelected, archaic relic of snobbery and class divisions who, ruling by right of birth, make a mockery of Britain's pretense to being a "democratic" society.